High performance built clean

Dynablend Clean

We proudly introduce The Dynablend Clean High Power Home Blender, beautifully designed to provide the power

and capability that all other high power blenders do,

but with added features.

Manual and Automatic mode

Stainless Steel Utility Scoop

Blade opener


Dynablend Clean Blender is the perfect blend of high performance built with premium materials to avoid food contact with plastic. Ditch the plastic pitcher and agitator found in most blenders. Each Dynablend Clean comes equipped with a tempered glass carafe, it also uses a metal clutch that ensures no plastic touches your food while you blend and provides better durability

Why choose between Manual or Automatic operations? The Dynablend offers the convenience of having both.
Use the manual operation to gauge the texture
you desire or use the automatic operation while

multi-tasking on other jobs. The choice is yours.

3 Ways to Use Your Stainless Steel Scoop!

Add ingredients
Use it to add ingredient like honey

and oils while you blend. The scoop measures out 1 tablespoon so it makes it easy for you to get the recipe right.

Stir and mix
Stir as you blend thicker mixes like nut butters frozen sorbets. Don’t worry! The scoop is designed so that it never touches the blades.

Some recipes need a little push.

Use the scoop to push down tough leafy greens like kale.

Dynablend is easy to clean with the blade opener

Dynablend’s max 23,000 RPM blades provide dynamic
and effective blending and grinding applications, which will not only help reduce cooking time, but also easily produce desired results. Enjoy your real smooth smoothies!


  • 23,000 RPM max speed

  • 1.1 Horsepower Motor

  • Tempered Glass Pitcher

  • Stainless Steel Utility Scoop

  • Stainless Steel Blade Assembly

  • Stainless Steel Motor Clutch

  • Variable Speed from low to high

  • 3 convenient Automatic Settings

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