The safer way to prepare, serve, and store your favorite foods!


GlasLife’s amazing nest design saves important cupboard space and tucks away nicely and neatly during non-usage. GlasLife is also perfect for transportation yet attractively inviting to serve guests pre-made dishes.

Microwave, Freezer, Oven

and Dishwasher save 

Snap locking lids and

made of tempered glass

Save space 

Store your favorite foods and ingredients with GlasLife airtight food storage containers. GlasLife storage container lids feature a unique airtight siliconae seal and snap-to-lock lids that prevent air from entering the container during storage allowing food to stay fresher longer, stopping drips from spilling and odors from escaping. With GlasLife, storing soups, salads, poultry, fruits and aromatic ingredients have never been easier.

Since GlasLife containers were designed for everyday use and are made of clean heavy-duty tempered glass that is lightweight yet strong and durable, identifying what’s stored is no longer left to guessing, making organization easier and preparation faster. 


  • GlasLife containers neatly nest into one another with their lids attached for optimum convenience and organization

  • GlasLife containers are made of heavy-duty stain resistant tempered glass that is lightweight yet strong and durable

  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe​

  • Aside from being used for storing your favorite foods and recipes, GlasLife can be used to reheat leftovers in the microwave, store frozen foods in the freezer, and can also be cleaned using a dishwasher

  • Easy snap locking lids 

  • GlasLife’s plastic snap locking lids with silicone seals are made of BPA-Free materials

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