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Sedona digittal advanced controlled 9 trays dehydrator dehydrations
An advanced digitally controlled 9 tray food dehydration system!

Sedona Classic

Sedona Raw Food Dehydrator with Overheat Protection Feature is the elegant, easy way to dehydrate raw, whole living foods. Its quiet dual fan technology provides energy efficiency, distributing well-balanced mild air flow throughout the nine BPA free trays.

quiet dual fans
digitao display with led
transparant door

Quiet dual fans

LED Light display for dark environments

Transparent glass door 

The Sedona offers a total of 600 watts using two independent 300 watt fans, two heating coils, and two heat sensors, that are controlled digitally to operate independently or simultaneously. This gives you the option to dehydrate up to nine trays all at once, or just use half the drying space and half the electricity
for smaller batches of your favorite recipes.

dualfan two heating coils and two heat sensors  digitally controlled

The Sedona dehydrator’s built-in Overheat Protection Feature prevents enzyme degradation by allowing you to set maximum temperatures instead of average temperatures.

This ensures that the internal temperature of the Sedona will never go above your set temperature. Get enzyme-packed and nutrient-dense dehydrated foods every time!

Temperature Fluctuation Mode Diagram

The transparent glass door displays the dehydrated food for further monitoring.

transparant glass door displays the dehydrated food
stainless steal trays sedona

Sedona Classic Stainless Steel Trays 

BPA free trays sedona

Sedona Classic BPA-Free trays 

Debris mat

Sedona Classic

BPA-Free debris mat

open tray

Sedona Classic

BPA-Free open tray

closed tray

Sedona Classic

BPA-Free closed tray

open tray

Sedona Classic

Stainless steel open tray

silicone drying sheets batural non stick surface nonstick coating

Sedona PP Drying Sheets (BPA-Free, Teflon-Free) are our most economical choice, and they are free of BPA and Teflon chemicals. This low-cost option works great with all of your nut and cracker recipes.

drying sheets teflon non stick

Sedona Teflon Drying Sheets (BPA-Free) are coated with a Teflon non-stick coating for use with sticky foods. Due to popular customer demand, Tribest has now made these economical

non-stick drying sheets available for the Sedona dehydrator. However, please note that studies have shown that chemical non-stick coatings may contain small amounts of harmful chemicals. This is the choice for an economical non-stick surface

drying sheets

Sedona Silicone Drying Sheets (BPA-Free, Teflon-Free) provide a natural non-stick surface without the use of non-stick coatings or chemicals. Because they do not rely on a chemical coating,

the Sedona Silicone Drying Sheets provide a durable non-stick surface. Even the stickiest of foods release easily with no mess.

These templates help form uniform tortillas, wraps, crepes, pancakes, crackers, cookies, or anything else circular quickly and easily. High speed production of wraps is possible because once the four rounds are filled, the template can be removed and placed on another tray and filled again. Easy to wash and store.

cookies tempate easy to wash and store
wrap tempate easy tp wash and store

Wrap template

Cookie template

pizza crust tempate easy to wash and store
cracker tempate easy tp wash and store

Pizza crust template

Cracker template


  • Never overheats above set temperature

  • BPA-Free trays and mesh screens

  • PTFE-Free, BPA-Free, Non-stick drying sheets

  • Built-In Timer for up to 99 hours

  • Digital Display and setting for easy control

  • LED Light Display for dark environment

  • On/Off Switch for no need to unplug every time

  • See-through Glass Door to see inside without opening

  • Pause and Reinstate Function with glass door           open and close

  • Convenient Pull-down Glass Door Hinge

  • Temperature mode selection for °F or °C

  • Debris catching Closed Tray for easy cleaning

  • Energy efficient with Dual Fan Technology

  • Closed Tray for dividing drying chamber to half

  • Night Mode function for more quietness

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