Jenny uses the Tribest Mason Jar Personal Blender to make a goji berry coconut yogurt in the Tribest Sousvant. Coconut is great for the brain and has essential fatty acids that are supportive of overall health. Goji berries are very high in antioxidants and add a nice color to the blend. These ingredients combined into the yogurt make for a sweet and tart healthy breakfast to jumpstart your focus and clarity at the beginning of the day.

Ingredients: - Yogurt starter - 1 cup soaked coconut - 2 Tbl coconut butter - 2 Tbl goji berries - 1/2 lemon, squeezed - Water

Directions: 1. Put in the yogurt starter, soaked coconut, coconut butter, and goji berries into your mason jar 2. Squeeze the 1/2 lemon into your mason jar 3. Add water to fill up the mason jar 4. Screw on the blending blade with mason jar adapter attached to your mason jar 5. Blend until all of the large goji berry pieces have been blended 6. Remove the blending blade assembly and mason jar adapter. Screw on mason jar lid 7. Prepare the Sousvant by setting the temperature to 118F 8. Add the mason jar into the Sousvant and press "COOK" 9. Let the yogurt cook in the Sousvant for 4-8 hours 10. Remove the jar carefully from the Sousvant. Serve and enjoy

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