Using the Slowstar juicer, Jenny Ross shows us how to make her Pineapple Jalapeño Juice. Not only is this juice sweet but it can pack quite a bit of heat depending on how much jalapeño you use, so you can adjust the recipe according to your own taste. Capsaicin, which is what makes chili peppers like jalapeños spicy, helps with weight loss and boosts your metabolism. Because this is a simple recipe, you can use this as a base juice for other juices throughout the week.

Ingredients: - 2 cups cucumber - 2 cups pineapple - 1 jalapeño

Directions: 1. Cut the pineapple into longstrips that can fit the Slowstar's feeding chute 2. Cut the cucumber in half, and then cut that half into strips 3. Cut the jalapeño into small slices 4. Alternate the different ingredients into the juicer 5. Add only as much jalapeño as you need. Taste as you go as to not make the juice too spicy 6. Pour into a cup or glass. Serve and enjoy

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